Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Larumme is a desert planet inhabited by nothing, which is why the IRT chose this planet to be their base, the base is in a cave and is sheltered from the daily sandstorms, other than that, there is pratically nothing on Larumme, execpt for one oasis, called the Juk Oasis. There are very large sand dunes though.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Forenze is a planet with tall mountains and deep valleys, creatures live and created villages on mountain tops. There is one lake on Forenze, This lake is the only home to all the fish on Forenze. The lake is said to be the home of a monstrous sea creature. There is one tallest mountain on Forenze. So far, no one has scaled the mountain yet but the history says that there is a treasure for whoever climbs it first. The top of the mountain is surrounded by a cloud and weird wind pattern so planes couldn't see what is up there on the summit. Climbers have tried and tried again but no one has ever sucessfully scaled the mountain. Forenze did not always had mountains and valleys, it used to be flat, but one day, the tectonic plates shifted majorly and mountains and valleys appeared, and cities and towns were destroyed. The creatures adapted to the planet.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Fhar is the biggest planet in the Pokaruu galaxy, it is widely inhabited by creatures called Creers, they are pratically an eye and 2 legs. These creatures are the only inhabitants on this planet. Fhar is a planet with rolling hills, steep mountains, deep lakes, grand valleys and is simply a beautiful place for sightseeing. Fhar has the longest history of the planets in the Pokaruu galaxy, written in monuscripts, they are preserved. The history is even longer than Stacis's history. The history are split into ages, the golden age, The age of conflict, the age of discovery, and the age of settlement.

The golden age

This is the earliest recorded history, During the golden age, not only Creers lived here, but other creatures as well. All of the creatures lived in seperate places and they agreed on all the laws, and everyone was content. The golden age, where everyone was happy, only lasted a few millenia. A tribe, the largest in all, grew unhappy because they wanted a change and power, they recruited lots of troops to fight and launched a Great war on all the other tribes. This is the beginning of the age of conflict. All the other tribes were ill prepared for war, but they didn't want the largest tribe to be in power so they swore an alliance with every other tribe and fought. This was the great war, The largest of the tribes against all the other tribes, the war lasted centuries, with tribes losing their troops fast, in the end, all the other tribes prevailed and eradicated the last of the largest tribe and all they possesed, for all they knew, they didn't even exist...

The age of discovery

After the great war, everyone was recovering from war and everyone thought that all was normal. All the tribes returned to the previous laws. Scientest began doing tests and exprimenting to discover new things, They made inventions to make life easier, they also discovered numerous substances and that it could be used for fuel. The age of discovery made life easier and everyone was even more content.

The age of settlement,

The age of settlement was when all the tribe leaders agreed that only the second largest tribe, the Creers would stay on the planet, they could not have another Great war, All the other tribes migrated to other planets in other galaxies and the Creers began settling again on Fhar, because they had the planet to themself, they had a lot of room, at first, there weren't that many, but centuries passed and Fhar became bustling with Creers, which is now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Neth is a planet covered densly by forest, inhabitants of this planet are weird aliens with one eye, some live on the ground and some in treehouses, there are also other inhabitants that are predators to the aliens, A machete is mandatory in this planet if you are going to travel through the jungle, the aliens don't allow you to travel without one. The trees are ridicously tall on Neth and some aliens are competing to see who can climb the highest.


This planet is completly covered in ice, with the occasional snow, is a result of being far away from the suns. Only certain creatures inhabit this planet, the ones that can stand extreme cold. They dwell in large caves that shelter them and create little villages. There is no summer or winter in Trakke, only winter, there are snowstorms all year round.


Stacis is a planet that once was a powerful empire. This forgotten planet is littered with the remains of the last battle, for 1000 years, there was nothing here, then space creatures found this planet and inhabited it, it is crawling with them now. This planet is also very mountainous, and the history of the powerful empire is clearly wrtten, carved into the rocks. Some say there is a treasure of the royal kings, passed down in the centuries, it is said that the treasure is hidden deep in the mountains. Treasure hunters have ventured into the mountains, hoping to find the treasure, none have returned. Fogged in mystery, even the space creatures stay away from the mountains